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Zongadude's music diary


Recording and filming: Atelier Rock rehearsal

Location: Beer Block.
Zong': vocal.
Manu: guitar.
Arnaud B: guitar.
Alex V: bass.
Yann V: drums.
Organized by Yann and Arnaud.
Produced by Zong’

I was invited by the teachers of Emsn to sing on some songs for a forthcoming live show in May.  In the program were a redoing of « Stay », which we did one year ago.  It was played but nor recorded.  Then we tried « Knives out » and « Jumping Jack flash ». Both filmed and recorded. It urned out to be a pretty good experience ! :)

Sometimes in Early 1987

Recording: ‘Am I evil ?’ 

Location: One-eyed Jack’s upper room
Performers: Zong & Hervé F. on guitars.
Produced by Zongadude.

This is probably the most ancient recording that I have. This is deep in the origins of Rainbow Warrior: two bad guitarists trying to play Metallica, and sounding horrible.